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The company’s principal and employees have extensive experience from the contractor and developer/owner perspectives.  This unique set of exposures allows Alta Group Inc. to provide a wide range of services during all phases of project development from entitlement through design development, procurement, execution and final delivery.  Rooted in engineering backgrounds, our team is lead by:



The service provided as a construction management organization with a contractor’s background allows Alta to maintain cost efficiency throughout the project.  Quality control, cost accounting, progress payments, scheduling review and monitoring allows Alta to keep costs under control and resolve disputes and provide resolution more efficiently between owner, developer and contractor.



In addition, the relationship that Alta Engineering Group has developed with the Bureau of Construction Management with the City and County of San Francisco throughout the years and various projects, gives Alta a unique insight to the City and County’s requirements for the acceptance of the project improvements and the reimbursement of Community Facilities District Funds (CFD).


Alta Group Info

Information / Overview

CA Contractor's License: 8040109 (A, B, C50)

California DIR #: 1000007633

CA Vendor ID #:  1142741 (micro-SBE)

DUNS #: 015258862

CAGE #: 77MN8

Bonding Capacity: $2M Single / $5M Aggregate

Established: 2003

Ownership: S Corporation


236210, 236220, 237110, 237120, 237130, 237310, 237990, 238110, 238120, 238130, 238190, 238210, 238220, 238290, 238390, 238910, 238990, 541330, 541350, 541690


State – SB/MB (Supplier #1142741)

State CUCP – DBE / WBE (UCP #38170)

Federal WBE/SBE – CAGE#:77MN8

City of San Francisco Micro-LBE (CMD101715389)



22101906, 30103623, 30121900, 70171500, 71121118, 72000000, 72111100, 72120000, 72121000, 72121200, 72121400, 72121500, 72140000